Get paid for Online Surveys and Reviews

I thought I'd add another post on some free stuff, its not work but its useful sometimes to take a break from your normal Work from Home job.

This can be anything from viewing adverts, reviews, completing surveys and giving your opinions on various items. You will never make enough money from this to make it your only job, but its useful to supplement your income. Anyone who tells you that you can work full time at this is just trying to scam you as its not possible.

I'm in the process of creating a list of all the survey websites I've used in the past. They operate as follows: you will be emailed various surveys, and awards a number of points for each survey completed. The points can then be exchanged for vouchers for most of the major online retailers.

I've found a few who will send you a cheque in the post, but you usually need to accumulate quite an amount before they send the cheque, so I find it best to just 'cash in' my points everytime I've enough for a $10 voucher, most times the voucher code will be emailed to me.



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