Starting Out Working at Home in Ireland

This is your business, be methodical and research everything before starting to Work at Home in Ireland. When you set yourself up as a Home Worker you have to be aware that you are basically setting up your own business.

You have to register with the Tax office in Ireland as Self Employed and spend money on your own resources, (these will vary depending on what direction you want to go in and sites will always list what you need, so be sure to do your research).

You will need to do your own taxes so be sure to get in contact with a reliable accountant if, like myself, you haven’t a head for figures. You can sort out your taxes yourself though, I know plenty of people who do it while working at Home in Ireland.

Information and resources can be found on the Revenue Commissioners website, or even online forums such as or One handy thing about working from home in Ireland is that so much can be written off against tax eg. a portion of your Rent/Mortgage, utility bills and anything that can be listed as an absolute requirement to carry out your work (phone/internet, computer hardware/software, office supplies).

Before you begin applying for any jobs online, have your CV ready to cut and paste, and a good one so sit down and spend an evening tweaking. I find the best way to do this is to Google your past and current job titles, this will bring up interesting and very professional job descriptions which you can modify and use. Also, have at least 3 references available to email, a good portion of companies will ask for these, have one good character reference. Its probably best if you don't include eferences written by family members. A handy place to get a character reference is your Bank, believe it or not, especially if you’ve had an account in good standing for a few years, not many people know this.

When you have your CV and references ready and tweaked to perfection, save a copy of them all in a notepad file, this makes them handier to transfer to online forms. If you are required to email them or attach them as files, use the Microsoft Word (.doc) version.

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