Work from Home Craft jobs

I've been so busy with work lately I didnt get a chance to post. I'm still working on the same job I found on elance, but I'm guessing I'll have this work completely finished by Friday afternoon.

I've already submitted some bids for a few new jobs on elance, so hopefully I get something else.

This morning I've also done some research to see if theres any home based work available for Crafts etc as thats something I've always been interested in as a hobby. I found a few but need to do some more research.

Alot of those listed below seem to be for re-distribution, but I'm aiming to find more of the 'make-at-home' type craft work. But this re-distribution stuff is a start:

American Home Crafts

Coomers Craft Mall

Crafters Showcase Craft Mall

Hearts and Hands

Knick Knacks Craft & Antiques Mall

Assembly and Craft

Thats all I've got for now but please check back again at the weekend and I should have some more details.

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scaryspex said...

I'm really interested in getting some sort of craft making job as I am a very creative person but I don't think any of the companies above cater for Irish people. Do you know of any companies that do?